We build partnerships to test new ideas and solutions

SoCentral is a collaborative incubator that brings together municipalities, entrepreneurs and citizens who want to find answers for a more sustainable society.

Partnerships and Collaborations

SoCentral acts as a partner on collaborative projects to develop and test new solutions to important societal challenges like sustainable city development, climate change or inclusion and diversit.

Using our unique network, we gather people and resources, and share in-depth knowledge on innovation in both the public and private sector. Our partnerships with Pådriv and Semja are two examples of how we work.

Contact our CEO Thomas to find out how we can work together.

17.17 Infrastructure

The 17.17 Infrastructure is a concrete solution to SDG 17, target 17: “Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships.”

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Democratic Innovation

A citizens' panel is a random selection of ordinary people who are invited to come together to be provided with balanced knowledge on an issue, and then discuss it together. Finally, they make recommendations to decision-makers and politicians.

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Community for Social Innovation

On the two top floors at Sentralen in the city centre of Oslo, SoCentral is running a community for social innovation. This is a workplace and a community of people working on new solutions in areas such as health, climate, urban development, integration, welfare, education and new financing models. The members are both established and newly started businesses and come from the private, public and voluntary sectors. Everyone is interested in how, through new collaborations, we can contribute to lifting the world forward.

Do you want to become part of the incubator? Contact our Head of Community Karin: karin@socentral.no.


Fixed desk

NOK 3.850,- per month ex. vat

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  • 24/7 access
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NOK 2.500,- per month ex. vat

  • Flex desk and locker
  • 24/7 access
  • Unlimited meeting room bookings


NOK 1.350,- per month ex. vat

  • Flex desk and locker
  • 1d access per week
  • 2h of meeting room bookings per week

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About us

SoCentral is a not-for-profit company, founded in 2012, that works with municipalities, businesses and citizens to develop a more sustainable society. We facilitate and drive collaborative projects with the aim of creating tangible examples of how we can improve society by better utilisation of society's resources.

‘What motivated us was that we were tired of hearing talk about how important it is to collaborate in order to find good solutions to social challenges. Then everyone went home to their silos and worked as before. Therefore, we decided that we would create this collaborative space ourselves. With just 30,000 NOK in capital, we embarked on our journey and the belief that we can change the world.’

  • - Thomas Berman (CEO)